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MidnightOperaHouse x Gemfields

Inspired from the rich tapestry of Asian aesthetic traditions, MidnightOperaHouse Designer Johnny Gengyi Yu created the MidnightOperaHouse x Gemfields 「Floral Seasonscape」 collaborative collection with world's leading emerald & ruby gemstone supplier Gemfields. A total of three pieces have been meticulously crafted, each merges the radiant splendor of Zambian emeralds with Oriental artistry, interpreting the exquisite charm of cultural fusion and romantic sentiments.

Flowers have always been a favored design element for the designer Johnny Gengyi Yu. In this collaborative collection, the rich green iridescence of Gemfields Zambian emeralds shines amidst the serene natural black agate, exuding exquisite beauty with a unique and tranquil Oriental elegance. Whether depicting the blossoming of autumn flowers in a nocturnal window scene, the graceful orchids in the gentle breeze, or the pure elegance of narcissus in a vase, these pieces not only capture the beauty of flowers in all seasons but also eloquently weave the cultural essence of floral beauty into fine jewelry, inscribing an eternal and romantic sentiment of grace and sophistication.