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「Luxuriant Golden Orchids」 Emeralds & Agate Earrings

「Luxuriant Golden Orchids」 Emeralds & Agate Earrings

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The design of this piece draws inspiration from the Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying's painting 'Double Hook Orchid'. In Chinese traditional culture, orchids are hailed as embodying the 'gentleman's demeanor,' much like the poetic lines from Tao Yuanming of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, 'Orchids quietly bloom in the courtyard, awaiting the gentle breeze.' Orchids, with their tenacity shining through simplicity, symbolize moral integrity, transcending the ordinary. 'Golden Orchids' also symbolize sincere and steadfast friendship, embodying beautiful blessings and guardianship of friendship.

The elongated teardrop-shaped earrings are sleek, delicate, and elegant. The focal point is the egg-shaped faceted Gemfields Zambian emerald at the connection point. The vivid green brilliance of the gem radiates amidst the serene natural black agate, exuding a subtle and implicit charm with a touch of astonishing vibrancy. The lower part of the earrings is elegantly wrapped in golden threads, adorned with glittering round-cut Gemfields Zambian emeralds, depicting lush flowers and plants in an Oriental freehand style, with smooth lines and exquisite beauty.


Emerald (total 2.10 Crts), Agate, 18K Gold

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