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Midnight Opera House

「Ingenious Linglong Narcissus」 Emeralds & Agate Detachable Pearl Necklace

「Ingenious Linglong Narcissus」 Emeralds & Agate Detachable Pearl Necklace

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This iconic necklace draws inspiration from Eastern bonsai art, skillfully sculpting a silhouette with Art Deco style through geometric lines, presenting MidnightOperaHouse's distinctive modern Orientalism design.

At its center lies a bouquet of narcissus, exuding an Eastern charm, intricately crafted with diamonds and mother-of-pearl on a 18K white gold base. As described by the Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian, 'Water as bone, jade as flesh,' the narcissus in Chinese culture carries an aesthetic of elegance and purity. The vessel for the narcissus isn't designed as the traditional pot but takes the form of a classical Baroque-style vase, creating an intriguing dialogue between Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The main body of the vase is carved from black natural agate into petal shapes, prominently featuring five vivid green round-cut Gemfields Zambian emeralds, surrounded by diamonds outlining geometric lines in a decorative style. The back of the vase incorporates a delicate mechanism, allowing it to be detached and worn separately as a brooch, giving rise to the name '玲珑' ('Linglong,' meaning exquisite) – a term not only used to describe meticulous craftsmanship but also to praise a person's graceful demeanor and refined thoughts in traditional Chinese culture.

The entire piece is strung with three strands of seawater pearls, adorned with three pear-shaped Gemfields Zambian emeralds arranged in a captivating sequence at the bottom. Their vivid green radiance, against the backdrop of white pearls, harmonizes with the dazzling Gemfields Zambian emeralds on the vase, adding enduring luxury to the intricate and beautiful Oriental style. This masterpiece gracefully inscribes a timeless and romantic sentiment of elegance.


Emerald (total 5.76 Crts), Diamond, Agate, Mother of Pearl, Seawater Pearl, 18K White Gold

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