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Midnight Opera House

「The Window Harbors Autumn Blooms」 Emeralds & Agate Earrings

「The Window Harbors Autumn Blooms」 Emeralds & Agate Earrings

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In the traditional Chinese aesthetics, the design of window scenes represents a distinctive form of spatial art. Much like the famous Tang Dynasty poem by Du Fu, 'The window frames the western hills' snow of a thousand years, At the door it's moored, from the Eastern Wu, a boat from ten thousand miles away.' The scenery beyond the window is regarded as a painting inserted into the interior space, simultaneously seen as part of meditation. By gazing through the window at nature, it aids in achieving the serene pursuit of Zen, reflecting the Oriental philosophical concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

MidnightOperaHouse consistently emphasizes the fusion of Oriental aesthetic traditions with modern styles. This artwork, set on a modern elliptical silhouette, features a natural black agate as the base. Adorned with 16 vivid green round-cut Gemfields Zambian emeralds in the details, and meticulously depicting intricate floral patterns with gold sand and hand-carved mother-of-pearl, reminiscent of glimpsing autumn blooms in the quiet night through a window. The artwork radiates a tranquil and exquisite beauty. 


Emerald (total: 0.87 Crts), Agate, Mother of Pearl, 18K White Gold

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