MOH Boutique

Indulge in a New Jewelry Experience Set in a Lavish Oriental Decorative Style Space.

MidnightOperaHouse boutique is situated adjacent to the prime luxury shopping district of Beijing CBD. Inspired by opulent Oriental decorative style, the boutique encompasses three main areas: a reception area, a jewelry display area, and a bespoke fitting and customization zone, all designed to curate a truly unique jewelry experience for our VIP clients.

Throughout its history, MidnightOperaHouse has been dedicated to crafting intricate haute couture jewelry pieces imbued with a sense of drama, while focusing on expressing diverse Asian themes through luxurious Art Deco aesthetics. The MOH boutique showcases a curated selection of the brand's full range of creations since its inception, providing esteemed VIP clients with the most comprehensive purchasing experience.

The imaginative visions of Mr. Johnny Gengyi Yu, founder and designer of MidnightOperaHouse, infuse each creation with a unique soul. The MOH boutique also showcases Mr. Yu's extensive personal collection, revealing the brand's profound cultural heritage and significance. Mr. Yu personally welcomes every VIP client, offering detailed insights into the contemporary haute couture jewelry masterpieces built upon a foundation of dreamy and enchanting dramatic aesthetics, providing an unparalleled brand experience for lovers of MidnightOperaHouse.

Since its establishment in 2016, MidnightOperaHouse has garnered widespread acclaim from domestic and international media, celebrities, and customers alike, thanks to its distinctive designs and unique style. Throughout this journey, we have received an increasing number of requests for bespoke jewelry. As a result, the MOH boutique has become a closer link between MidnightOperaHouse and its customers, allowing us to better cater to the customization needs of VIP clients for high-end costume jewelry and fine jewelry, infusing each piece with profound personal sentiments.

To ensure the privacy of our VIP clients' experiences, the MOH boutique only accommodates appointments. During each time slot, only one VIP client will be received by appointment. This reservation system aims to provide more personalized one-on-one service, ensuring that each VIP client can fully appreciate the beauty of MidnightOperaHouse's jewelry in a serene, comfortable, and uniquely tailored environment.

With a profound understanding of client needs and a dedicated commitment to jewelry customization, the MOH boutique aims to create a uniquely charming luxury shopping experience for every MidnightOperaHouse jewelry enthusiast.

You are welcome to make an appointment following the instructions in the image below.